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My projects


GUI and TUI music player with support for multiple streaming services.


Blog and services with vibe.d

Grand Ore Deal is a platformer where you collect mysterious ores, which allow you to move faster.

Collect all the ores in the level and bring them back to the minecart. Each level has a secret hidden inside of it

BitKnight is a side-scroller adventure game in the style of Nokia 3310 games

Placed #31 overall in Nokia 3310 Game Jam 2020

ImageSplitter is a program which allows you to split images into squares

Other projects

Discord bots

Multiple discord bots with features such as music playback from YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud using youtube-dl and ffmpeg, reaction roles, translated commands, custom prefixes, logging invite uses, user created voice channels and more


Cross-platform customizable multi-tab terminal written in D with GTK


Markdown metadata Parser
C# version | D version


D Language Query - Port of LINQ for D


Fun Feed D - RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feed generator for D

I also did a couple of games and programs as freelance jobs on Fiverr

Also a thousand of other small projects which I never finished or published